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Laser welding of zinc-coated steel sheets in lap configuration poses a challenging problem, because of the zinc vapours spoiling the quality of the weld. In continuation to the earlier work, the novel solution of dual laser beam method for lap welding of galvanized steel sheets is discussed here in view of the recently obtained observations and ensuing concerns. In this method the precursor beam cuts a slot, thus making an exit path for the zinc vapours, while the second beam performs the needed welding. The metallurgical analysis of the welds is encouraging showing absence of zinc in the welded area. In the current work on this technique, new experimental results have been obtained verifying the earlier observations. Along with this, the possibility of using a transversely split-up beam for the welding purposes with this approach is discussed and analyzed in this paper. This new technique is expected to be very useful in prospective industrial applications requiring higher welding throughput along with the needed quality.

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